Superior Members

What does Superior Member mean?

Superior Member is a classification of membership that rewards the particularly active members of Beta Alpha Psi.  At the end of a semester, the Superior Members will be listed on the Beta Alpha Psi website for potential employers to view and their names will be e-mailed out to Beta Alpha Psi’s contact list of firms and employers.

How can I obtain Superior Member status?

To obtain Superior Member status you must be a member of Beta Alpha Psi and attend at least six events during the spring 2016 semester.  In the events page, all “Professional Meetings” will count toward the six events requirement.

In addition to attending the events outlined above, you may replace one of the 6 required events with the attendance of an office tour, CPA night (fall), or Management night (spring).  Our office tour dates are also listed within the events page

*New requirement: To become a Superior Member, we ask that you take on a leadership role with an incoming pledge and serve as their mentor throughout their pledging semester. You would be expected to help them with outreach to firm employees after the meetings and to help answer any questions pertaining to Beta requirements, events, etc.

Lastly, superior members must complete at least 2 hours of community service.

Pledges are not eligible for Superior Member status until they have become members of Beta Alpha Psi.